Friday, December 6, 2013

ASMR 12.06.13

The holidays are just brutal with the cold weather and all the eating, and procrastinating is indeed the biggest enemy. But I'm trying to get a groove...

Pick of the Week:
Who You Love by John Mayer feat Katy Perry (released 12.03.13)

Might Interest You Pick(s):
Let Her Go by Passenger (released 08.28.12)
Defeatist by Cameras (released 11.26.13)

Retro Pick(s):
Tempted by Squeeze (released 1981)
My Sharona by The Knack (released 1979)
Stay by Lisa Loeb (released 1994 in the Reality Bites movie soundtrack)

Not really a big fan of John Mayer but I know for a fact that he is a great songwriter. This duet Who You Love (with his lady Katy Perry) simply depicts two people in love and it's about damn time a music power couple releases one. It's the classic Mayer voice but with a mellow Perry twist. Great pop pick and I am sure this is gonna be a chart buster.

When I first heard Let Her Go by Passenger, I was like "Why am I just listening to this track right now?" And so I find out that it was released back in 2012 but surprisingly just getting its traction in the US charts. I may have heard this sometime ago but only now had the chance to fully grasp the song, much like Zedd's Clarity which was also released in 2012 but only gained fame this year. Great song nevertheless and distinct vocals by Michael David Rosenberg!

Couldn't really figure out how to define this song Defeatist by Cameras. It is odd but in a good way. I like the mix of sounds and the way all the different parts of the song were blended. The album itself (The Best of Manimal Vol. 2) is an odd collection of songs as well, again in a good way. Dust Season by Papercranes is also a noteworthy song and you may find The Chapin Sister's take on classic Madonna's Borderline a little too different.

I was just browsing on the TV channels on a day off that was supposed to be dedicated for errands. Ready to hit the OFF button, the last channel I clicked on was HBO which then was showing Reality Bites. Sure did it for me! How can I pass up on that? It was a very influential film of my time and arguably one of the greatest movie soundtracks ever! And so Tempted, My Sharona and Stay all got my vote as retro picks clearly because I was smitten yet again by young and extremely cute Winona Ryder a.k.a. Lelaina Pierce. I really love both the movie and the soundtrack and the song When You Come Back To Me by World Party is just the jam isn't it??