Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Is it truly the end? Is the Mayan prophecy about 2012 perhaps the real deal? I guess its one of those things where you really have to be into it or you're really not. It's pretty hard though to ignore such matter when CNBC features shows like Apocalypse 2012 which was really spooky yet convincing, as supposed to the movie 2012 starring John Cusack. Really? What are the chances you end up inside that gigantic ship without a billion euros in your pocket??

Mankind has no shortage of drama in their lives either as evident to the much hyped Y2K which never really lived up to it's billing as a global disaster. You can attribute this to the human psyche's thirst for answers. We feed the mind with so much information, our appetite for knowledge has grown exponentially. We learn things which we may not necessarily need to know or have no use of. But because we are humans and we love to watch Jerry Springer (though we don't admit it), we truly love building up the anticipation. 

Honestly, in my not-so-brightest opinion, I hope it does happen. Not that I'm an advocate of death or all things annihilation, but the end is really something we cannot predict. It would be an endless battle of right or wrong. And for once I want to give the Mayans my nod and say "You go boys!!!" I haven't really delved into their extensive work but I wouldn't be quick to the trigger accusing them of Googling such prophecy. Ultimately, I just think that there are things that are just not for man to understand or perhaps able to explain. And that's the beauty of the end. It is the mystery, it is the climax. Not like the perennial sequels to Final Destination. How can final be final if we have six or seven of those? The end must be the end, dude! Otherwise it becomes redundant. That's why I am pulling for 2012 just because it sounds so random. You know, like a 37-mile run? Besides, the end could be tomorrow, when you don't wake up from your sleep. Too bad though if it is. Year 2012 would've been the first time mankind, and I mean all of those worthy to witness it, gets front row seats to the real "reality show". And you die before it happens?? Talk about a bummer...

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