Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Breaking Bald

Here's a word for you -- PROCRASTINATE! Almost half of the first month of 2014 gone and it's only now that I finally gave in to the desire, or lack thereof, to revisit my Blogger and type on. I couldn't even come up with an ASMR post eventhough I have so much music to share. But like the misfortunes of my life, I too have reasons on why it took me this long for a follow-up post from 2013. It was just not there. I mean I had scattered thoughts and was not inspired. Go ask Ron Burgundy, he would agree. But the truth is, I got into a funk. One night I just chose to grab a Playstation controller instead of a pen (and by pen I meant my laptop) which was the start of my blogging demise. So every time I have the spare hours to squeeze juices out of my brain, I end up creating new civilizations and battling Genghis Khan in a very outdated console game. The next thing you know, I have a can of Mountain Dew, cold leftover pizza and a few bags of potato chips accompanying me into the night. Okay, it is not that extreme but at my age, that should not be the case unless you work for EA Sports, which I don't.

Not to worry. I'm still active. I play darts and run the tread about once a month LOL! But seriously, I still play hoops as often as I can regardless of how loud the objection my body has. It is the only exercise I get so even if my physical self is deteriorating at a zombie-regressing rate, I always make it a point to burn the basket whenever I can. Besides, I think my boys have sucked me into their sock-matching-the-shoe addiction (an Instagram post very soon to prove this point LOL). And why not? If you can't elevate your game anymore and have accepted that the Iverson speed is no longer there, then might as well look good doing it, right?

Speaking of looking good, I think this perennial battle with baldness is a losing cause. My hairstylist is running out of ideas and it doesn't help that I have an airfield of a forehead.  I already did Clooney and also went Korean but could not pull any of those Patrick Ewing/Vanilla Ice-high flat tops. Thank goodness for clothes, at least I can divert some attention away from my head to my Express-clad torso. Too bad though that I can't clothe cholesterol with my plaid shirts. I would've wanted to look good in a seizure (knock on wood). To be honest, my food regimen is whack! I can't stay off of red meats, and match that with a languishing metabolism, then I'm in constant need for statins. And lately, I have been craving for sweets particularly cakes and pies. Can somebody say Boston Cream Pie please? Tiramisu? The really devilish chocolate cake?? Ugh! Kill me now. And I can't seem to elude the idea that my used-to-be reliable sugar count has jumped ship and went berzerk already every time I sip into a Diet Pepsi.  This sudden desire for sweetness has to account for something right? Ahh! Who cares? Life is supposed to be lived to its fullest and if I can't have my Quarter Pounder and Apple Pie, then I might as well get killed by Genghis Khan.

Anyway, I guess it's not too late (well it's never too late) for prudent confessions. I mean if Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is a self-confessed crackhead and still refuses to relinquish his post, then I guess I can get away with a free 24 water bottle-packed case at Walmart, right? Okay, I don't really know where I was going with that but I thought I throw it out there. But yeah, I finally cracked 2014 with a new post and for those people who reads my blog particularly in Malaysia, Russia, Italy and Germany, well I truly appreciate it. Thank you! I don't know who you people are but I'm happy you get to enjoy my useless, senseless, CAN live without write-ups! I'm back (but not sure for how long) and would avoid too long of a page break so I can spoil you with my unsolicited views of life, puberty (and poverty) and the taking over of Jimmy Fallon of the Tonight Show...

Until then...

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