Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Slice Of Truth Pie

She was one of those office snubs that you know you wouldn't get along with. She has this demeanor that says "I'm all business so please don't mess with me" emanating all over her, as if to say, if you got nothing smart to say, don't even bother. Unfortunately when I met her more than a decade ago, she works in the same group as I am, and back then, I wasn't just as pesky as the Tasmanian Devil, I was the Tasmanian Devil. Maybe arrogant to a certain extent but definitely playful and immature. Surely it was just a matter of time before I started picking on her. I was messing around with her all the time but she actually held her own and surprisingly stung me with counter punches one after the other. Wit after wit she held ground and soon enough we knew it would be good enough to waste time on and see who can outsmart the other one first. She abruptly left the company but we kept in tabs and lived our whimsical friendship, for the most part via chats (shows you how much this friendship was worth LOL)

Every time I feel a little down I would reach out to her and just throw on a sarcastic rant only to find myself being equally ranted on in the process. My friend is as sharp as can be and I normally would hit a mental climax for a 15-20 minute chat with her. Nothing really sexual (ok maybe hints) but mental orgasm is really what it's all about. I've always admired a woman who is intellectually capable of expressing and explaining herself without much effort. Moreso someone who can push me to mental orgasmic heights and even better, allowing me to reach my pinnacle. There is just something that turns me on from a smart feminine head (don't get any ideas now). And this is what she does. She is the ultimate tease. You can't pick her brain all the time because she has, after all, a normal life and got better things to do than to satisfy my intellectual needs. She would berate you and make you feel like an imbecile if you can't keep up with the "smartness". She puts on a great conversation with you but then drops off the planet the moment Mommy duties arise or if it's too late in the night already (she's sleepy at 9). You would think that after all these years of conversing and chatting with her, I would truly know her already, right? Well, you never really know what buttons trigger somebody's dark side until you actually hit them.

We never really knew each other that deeply, I mean it's not like we are BFFs that go to lunch and shop together. We CHAT for crying out loud. But we know enough about each other's personal lives (though maybe not enough) to discuss or delve into it without the fear of judgment. So certain topics put our brains to certain boundaries and nothing really hits a person intensely if you serve them a slice of truth pie. I told you she left the company abruptly, maybe not feeling where she stands (and where she's headed) career-wise in the ladder. She is very smart so if better opportunities come her way, I'm not surprised why she wouldn't grab it. And while I don't have a steady track record myself for staying with companies that long (7 companies in 17 career years), it does not compare how often she moves from one occupation to another. To me, she is the ultimate job grasshopper. In the beginning it was the way to go. I mean if you can push your pay scale a thousand higher every darn chance you get, then why not?? But then in the middle of the journey, is what you're doing really worth the monetary increase?? Are you in a happy place now? Or starting to get disgruntled because it was the pay you really went for and not the job? We were young back then and when you're young, you can get a little impulsive and daring. But when life starts to catch up on you and the going gets tough, security is the way to go.

The economy isn't as friendly a few decades ago when education and experience really counted. Nowadays even if you're inexperienced, as long as you're cheaper than the person you're replacing, the company would hire you. It's all about stretching the buck and companies, thru technology, is slowly but surely making manpower, well, "manpowerless!" Seems like a pretty straightforward and reasonable argument right? Tell that to my mental bitch (or am I hers?). What I thought was a strong point was kapoot! She did not take it well, and threw the disappointing chatter to me as if I was her real life unsupportive partner. What the heck? I was merely implying that job hopping is not the best deal for her and that one day she wouldn't be as lucky. Not to mention that anybody above the 40 line is not necessarily a good item on your resumè. She tells me she is unhappy with her current work and I ask why did you leave the previous one anyway when it was peaceful there? Money. Aaaah that explains it! I was a persistent dick myself, lecturing her on why the short-tenured jobs. Where's the patience? What happened to growing corporately wise? She writes on the chat screen -- FU Robel, then logs out.

A few months ago I chatted with her a few erratic times, nothing mentally stimulating at all as if I was chatting with a high school student. The conversations were bland. I was in disbelief. Is this the same woman who normally puts me to the brink of an aneurysm? Or just a barbie? Alas, the conversations went dead. We lost communication in social media and emails was never our thing. I heard from the unreliable grapevine that she reconciled with her ex and decided to migrate here in CA with the entire fam.  I'm happy for her and hope things work out well. Still I miss the wit, the clever punch lines and the skin-deep sarcasm. I felt abandoned and betrayed all because I served her a slice of truth pie. My goodness! Imagine if that came with some "whip" cream LOL

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