Tuesday, September 17, 2013


For some, it’s riding a bike, running a few miles, painting a portrait or simply reading a book.  For me, it’s a toss up between (a) giving my liver its much deserved alcohol workout, (b) playing the heck out of Civ Revolution (don't judge) or (c) listening to lots and lots of music. Unfortunately it doesn’t quite put me there and I realized that engraving my thoughts in ink via cyberspace aka The Blogger could be the missing piece. I actually wanted to work out and have rock-hard abs just like LL Cool J or pick up guitar lessons and walk into the expected mid-life crisis cliché of doing things you never did back when you were young. Or even better, start my lifelong dream of a world tour and jeopardize the funds for my boys’ highly-touted college debut at UC San Diego—as if I had the funds and my boys are really going there :)  However none of those fit me right. I mean it’s just not me. I always had a seemingly odd figure and my hands have always been uncoordinated when it comes to instruments. And though traveling seems more feasible, I’ve always been limited on the financial end of it—Dad/Mom, about that post-grad studies aid you were offering, I think I am taking you up on that now? :)

We all have our ways to relieve us from stress—like kids and their video games, your neighbors and gossiping, and Don Jon and his porn. Blogging ain’t that different. In fact, I used to write blogs a few years ago but never really had the knack to consistently do it. Not anymore. It’s the dawn of a new era!!! (play Eminem’s Lose Yourself right here) I am really pushing myself hard this time and let the world—or the handful of people who would pity me enough to read my stuff—know what’s inside my big forehead. You may find it boring, maybe be critical about what I say or totally disagree with my point of view but hey, that’s what blogging is all about. It’s probably a dying avenue already (really??) but I am saving it from opinion bankruptcy one freaking blog at a time.

Watch out peeps (and creeps), I’m bringing sexy back… into BLOGGING!

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