Thursday, September 26, 2013

Throw Back Your Thursday

I look like a dork, a really ethnic looking skinny dork. And the years I’ve invested trying to get away from that persona was taken away from me in just an insta.. an Instagram photo! I’m not sure what to make of it though. On one side, it brings a smile to my face seeing a photograph of me during the time when the only camera pose I did was the down-syndrome. On another, really?? Do I have to be reminded how Napoleon Dynamitesque I was back then and introduce the young me to the world I know now? Please don’t torture them.

You see I don’t want to be the photo Scrooge who tells the proud photo-posting-happy friend that it’s not cool when he’s the only one who looks awesome in the picture. I get it that you want your social media friends to know that you were skinny at one point and that you were part of the Varsity Team back in high school. But for those of us who did not have really moisturized skin back then and were proud of our MC Hammer get up, could you blame us for not being too enthusiastic with all these throwbacking??? Back then photographs were very precious and really personal. You actually keep them and only share them to those in it and occasionally to Aunt Linda (because you’ll never hear the end of it if she does not see them). You don’t waste camera film (yes hashtag babies, they used to exist!) on food or your newly painted nails?? But thanks to the digital age, not only do people take pics like almost every second, they found a reason to dust off the old shoebox and pull out the old stack. So don’t be shocked if some day you’ll find that dreaded pic that shows the world how stoned you truly were during that first job interview. Could you imagine that Mr. CEO???

Whether the truly depressed or underachieved just relishing their young winning form once again, or the successful ones trying to inspire the uninspired by showing their measly roots, there’s gotta be some sort of gratification with #ThrowBackThursday, right? I’m sure not all would be receptive to seeing their old selves once again, so on behalf of those who lived two lives some time ago and wants to keep 1992 at 1992, a little suggestion to our social friends—do more TBT “selfies” okay? Hmmm… which gives me an idea! Perhaps we can cancel TBT altogether and just do Selfie Sunday?? Selfie Sunday!? Not bad?? Must tweet it now so it trends #SelfieSunday… You read it here first LOL!!!

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