Friday, October 18, 2013

ASMR 10.18.13

If you don't know what ASMR stands for, then check my last post :-)

Pick of the Week:
Rap God by Eminem (released 10.15.13)

Might Interest You Pick(s): 
Broken Over You by Vertical Horizon (released 10.08.13) 
Cheating by John Newman (released 10.15.13) 

Retro Pick: 
Reasons by Earth, Wind and Fire (released 1975)

My goodness where has Eminem been??? Rap God is freakishly awesome and I may say puts Eminem back atop the hip-hop heavens. One thing I like about the dude is that he always reinvents himself after a long hiatus. Seems like Eminem is set for a great year if the album is as good as the single. I have no doubt this would hit the charts faster than you saying "Guess who's back?" Marshall Mathers STILL rules!!!

Next, Vertical Horizon's Broken Over You from their album Echoes From The Underground. Even with the totally revamped squad (except for frontman Matt Scannel), this brings to us the VH sound that we were accustomed to, in fact even better, since Matt has really stepped up his ante music-wise throughout the years. Despite some hardcore VH fans slow regression of support because of the band member changes, there is no denying Matt's voice and the music that VH has to offer.

On the pop side, at first I thought it was James Morrison singing (really the close vocal resemblance) which made me wonder if James just changed his artist name into John Newman (seriously, both are English). The single Cheating is lively which would make you wanna get into that jam mood instantly. Now if you delve into the lyrics a lot closer, then you know this is a guy accusing her woman of the actual title (if not already obvious). Still a great catchy tune that you may want to pick up and add to your Not-So-Sure-Why-I-Bought-It music folder.

And though I love my alternative and pop music altogether, at the end of the day, my ears still leads me back into the classics. There is no way you cannot like Reasons from EWF simply because it is that good. I always see myself in the living room at night, lights dimmed, glass of wine or a bottle of beer depending on the mood, and the cranked up voice of Philip Bailey on the dock. What can be more relaxing than that?? Trust me, it never fails...

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