Wednesday, October 9, 2013

ASMR (A Sorta Music Review) 10.09.13

I couldn't come up with a better title to the post but eventually it would evolve. So for now ASMR would suffice (please don't shake your head). So I'm doing my first music review (sorta right) for this year and I got some interesting ones to share. This should be a trend from hereon since my passion for music is extremely strong and my appreciation is wide. You probably know already since most of my posts would have a mention or two of artists or certain hits. So I hope I can keep this up...

This week's pick is Temple by Kings of Leon from their 6th album entitled Mechanical Bull which was released just last month. Although a lot of KOL fans might disagree, I think this album is a lot better than the previous blockbuster Only By The Night (which included great hits like Sex On Fire and Use Somebody). Temple may not be the carrier single for the month-old Mechanical Bull but it certainly provides that alternative-ish sound with the KOL signature on it. The album is a great buy altogether and singles like Beautiful War and Supersoaker are worth listening to.

I also came across the new Stone Temple Pilots album High Rise with new vocalist and Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington. It's weird to hear Chester singing on a STP album but there's a slight chance you may NOT recognize it from the carrier single Out Of Time. But it becomes a dead give away who the vocals are once you hear the song Tomorrow. Still I find the fusion of Chester's voice and STP instruments to be a delight and I am diggin' this collaboration. I wonder how Mike Shinoda and the rest of LP are thinking now that they are coming out with a new album of their own. It would definitely be interesting.

Lastly in what I find to be the best album for 2013 yet (mostly rap, some reggae and some electronic) comes a collection of up and rising artists. I swear I almost like all of the songs in this album named Basement Chronicles Chapter 1, which was just released a few days ago. State I'm In by Jared Evan for sure tops the list while Live Love Laugh by Mod Sun and Never Let You Down by Yonas comes a close second at least to my taste. All the songs in the album are fresh and for sure will gonna make your head nod once or twice and get you bouncing a little bit. Coz what album that has Jason Bourne as a single would not make you, right??

Until next... Back to listening Curtis Mayfield for now...

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